My favorite blog entries

I love to write even more than I love to draw pencil portraits although some days it is a tie.  Most of my entries are about my stumblings and bumblings through the life of an at-home mom, self-employed artist drawing pictures of your kids, pets, house and stuff, all while losing my keys and procrastinating about exercise.  I love wine and cheez-its, therefore exercise is a must. 

I would like you to read every word I've written and then either email me at or comment on this blog so I don't feel lonely.  But you are probably MUCH better about staying focused.  So if you only have time to read one entry or two, here are my very favorites...

Blogs that make me laugh about myself:

Crappy art shows and the weirdos I meet

My procrastination and Facebook obsession

Bad things that happen at my house

How I got started (not that funny really, but you can get to know me!)

My favorite stories about special portraits (click link below photo):

Sixty years together
Biker Diane

Inspiring boys
My boyfriend Lepoleon

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