Want me to draw for you?

In this technical age of computerized everything, it's so nice to have a hand made gift, done just for you so you can keep it or give it away and make someone smile.

I'd love to draw for you!  Pencil portraits make great gifts and they stay in a family for generations (you wouldn't believe how many people tell me they have pencil drawings of their kids, parents, grandparents - great or great, great.)  Pencil portraits allow us to put people and pets together that are no longer here, which can be a touching thing.  Once the portrait is drawn, I can scan it and create extra copies for you to share or we can use the image for greeting or holiday cards, invitations, etc. etc. 

All I need are some photos and a deposit.  You can send the photos in the mail, email them to wendy@pencilportraitcards.com, text them to 847-848-3255, drop them off at my home if you are in the Chicago area or you can try submitting them telepathically.

Here is  information about how to get started and my process.

Here is PRICING if your portrait will be of people or animals.  If you want me to draw something else, I'll need to see the photos and then I can give you a price.

If you have a special story about your portrait, I'd love to share it in this blog if you're willing.  It it's a top secret portrait, we'll just keep it to ourselves.

What are you waiting for??  Send me some pics!

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