Dirty secrets about me!

Ha!  I got you.  You only clicked here because I promised dirty secrets.  Okay here's one so you can't call me a liar... my hair is curly and is prone to frizz so sometimes I don't wash it, I just use conditioner.  SCANDALOUS!  Plus my house is messy. 

I draw pictures, I drink wine, I eat cheez-its

I am the sappy lovey-dovey mother of two tall boys, the wife of a tall husband, and the reluctant owner of two little dogs who compete to find the most places to pee in my house when I'm not looking.  I've been a pencil portrait artist since the early 90's which was a hobby until I lost my job in 2005 when I got too big for my computer industry britches.  I've been drawing full time since 2005.

I have the miraculous job of celebrating my clients' precious relationships.  Because my portraits are often very personal, my clients tell me their stories sometimes.  And the stories can be touching or funny and always special.  While I've drawn 1000 dogs, kids, families... there are some portraits that stay with me and I love sharing them with you.

My mother and father live 2.6 miles away from me and my dear mother keeps me company while I draw.  I worked for my father for most of my pre-art corporate career and he helped me with my very first art display... a big pencil.  I had almost nothing to show back then.

Now people send me photos of sweet baby grins, bright eyes peeking out of soft fur, their homes, families, special places.  And I spend hours trying to capture every little detail, hoping that my clients will be able to tell that I put a lot of love and care into their portraits.   I'm grateful for every last person who has paid me to do what I love and trusted me to honor their wishes.  It's a happy, wonderful life.

And yet I sure find things to complain about!  Thank you for visiting!

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Hugs and smooches,

Wendy Zumpano

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